Thursday, 19 April 2012

small thoughts

A small break from the code reviewing, time to paint some thoughts. The system is falling down, everyone's saying. climate system, natural balance, world political systems, financial systems...everyone is watching a apocalypse like they never been a part of it. 2012 the end of the world, some are saying with a laugh. End or not, it's not the point people, we are criminals of the next generation. How often we are thinking about anything apart from ourselves. I, me, myself with my beloved things, we stuck in this enigma, isn't it?

From my inheritance, I am a Buddhist. Are you a Buddhist? when someone ask me, I won't answer in an instance, because I have to wait for a reply from my inside. I am asking the same question from myself. well the response is always, "I am a good man, who always wants to live a better life without messing with others around me". So is it enough to prove that I am following Buddhism. I honestly don't know. my knowledge says I am not a proper Buddhist by its all mean. Anyway I don't have any regret about this (only when I apply the general relativity theory), because I feel good about myself. may be its not good enough. 

Anyway as a following note, I have to tell you that people who are not from a Buddhist context, you can be better Buddhists than me or others. If you notice, I have referenced term 'Buddhism' in several times in this note. Basically my thoughts are propelled and generated from that context. But I never ever wanted to religised (apology, not a word) my blog. I can't stand when religions cause division in the human beings, it's sheer stupidity. Isn't it? :)  As a following note, I have to mention it that 'Buddhism' is not a religion, it's a philosophy. inherited buddhists now a days turn it to another religion. I hate those religious Buddhists, not Buddhism. 

well tell me about so called religious Buddhists! :( I can do a days and days talk show about it. I don't think I should waste any time here about mentioning their qualities. I just hope, they will understand the obvious things they are missing in this life journey, in order to make next life time luxurious. I know that I haven't continued the story I started here. But I hope you can get loads of things by following visionaries, philosophers. Please visit for experience some of great ideas of great thinkers.
explore the, search from key will always learn something. Cheers to the Humanity!