Monday, 19 March 2012

Doers and Talkers

I have come across different characters and personalities throughout my life journey. If I had a chance to categorise people who came across, I'd split them into 2 groups. Doers and Talkers.

Basically the Doers are SMARTly planning their life ahead. (S - Specifically, M - Measurable, A - Achievable, R - Relevant, T - Timely) These are unique characters who lived the life with their own value set.They are always trying to develop their life style and try to live a peaceful life without any messing around. Mainly we find Doers as nice people and pleasure to have a relationship as opposed to Talkers.

I personally think, the volume of Talkers are quite higher than Doers. Mainly the talkers are easy to be friends with. Mainly due to their over-rated and fake popular personality in the society. You will understand their true colours when it comes to a particular point. Most of talkers have manipulative and Bossy characteristics built in to them. They are always trying to dominate you with their opinions and quite effectively convinced that you are a silly and immature thing in past life. Manipulative talkers are the most dreadful category and always trying to mess up with everyone, if they feel you are blocking their path, they will easily go any far to get rid of you. Initially if your senses are saying 'he/she is a Manipulative Talker', always be prepare yourself.

A strong personality and confidence are the main medicines, when dealing with the Talkers. It's necessary to believe in ourselves and our instincts at the same time. Moreover the right facts are one powerful element to face Talkers. Most importantly, we need to understand the people with these qualities before dealing with them.   With all of this bad qualities, I don't think we should isolate these types of people and corner from the society. Instead, if we aware of their behaviour and make sure we deal with them in appropriate manner.

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