Monday, 12 March 2012

Cultural Shock

Some force will push us towards bubble again, no matter how far we are trying to go off from the inside box thinking patterns. Most of the time cultural morons, around us dragged from our feet till we are become prisoners of it.

I read about groupism behaviour in several anthropology articles. Basically from the beginning of civilisations, humans like to make and live in groups with mutual understanding (religion, language), physical characteristics (complexion), geographical closeness (culture). There is one example, I always bring up when I am discussing about the groupism behaviour. It's my own experience when I am starting at the University.

When I was starting as a fresh International student in London, I have experience this behaviour from most of International students. Undoubtedly most Asian students (South and East) have this practice in common. They only prefer to hang out with people in their context only. So in the classrooms, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Thai groups was a common picture. They only prefer to talk with their group members and consider others as outsiders. Even some western students shown the same behaviour. But with the time, thankful to some exciting and experience seeking individuals and cosmopolitan culture of the environment, this situation is getting better. Then they will start to make new relationships and start to think 'They are not bad as they looks in our old local stories'. :) [common to all parties]

I have to admit that these academics are quite luckier when comparing to migrants in cities. In here I am specific about 1st generation migrants. Basically they spent most of their lives in native countries and following the cultural practices taught by their local contexts. Most of them are quite inflexible (may be out of reach) to learn and pick up cultural changes. Therefore in line with group behaviour, they are building their own sub cultural societies. Theses sub cultures are a replicate of their original culture/ native and evolving up to some extend taking few elements from the new culture. (after mutually agreeing in the group)

After all of these mismatching chargers in society, we have to expect a big bang in some way. I am calling it 'Cultural Collapse'. This usually happens between 1st and 2nd generation. The members of 2nd generation, constantly struggling to find a place to fit between their elders sub culture and their own culture. The end was mainly depending on their aggregated intelligence.

I always being a believer for open minds and communication. If anyone can workout to put those two things into action, it won't be a sad ending after all.

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