Thursday, 19 April 2012

small thoughts

A small break from the code reviewing, time to paint some thoughts. The system is falling down, everyone's saying. climate system, natural balance, world political systems, financial systems...everyone is watching a apocalypse like they never been a part of it. 2012 the end of the world, some are saying with a laugh. End or not, it's not the point people, we are criminals of the next generation. How often we are thinking about anything apart from ourselves. I, me, myself with my beloved things, we stuck in this enigma, isn't it?

From my inheritance, I am a Buddhist. Are you a Buddhist? when someone ask me, I won't answer in an instance, because I have to wait for a reply from my inside. I am asking the same question from myself. well the response is always, "I am a good man, who always wants to live a better life without messing with others around me". So is it enough to prove that I am following Buddhism. I honestly don't know. my knowledge says I am not a proper Buddhist by its all mean. Anyway I don't have any regret about this (only when I apply the general relativity theory), because I feel good about myself. may be its not good enough. 

Anyway as a following note, I have to tell you that people who are not from a Buddhist context, you can be better Buddhists than me or others. If you notice, I have referenced term 'Buddhism' in several times in this note. Basically my thoughts are propelled and generated from that context. But I never ever wanted to religised (apology, not a word) my blog. I can't stand when religions cause division in the human beings, it's sheer stupidity. Isn't it? :)  As a following note, I have to mention it that 'Buddhism' is not a religion, it's a philosophy. inherited buddhists now a days turn it to another religion. I hate those religious Buddhists, not Buddhism. 

well tell me about so called religious Buddhists! :( I can do a days and days talk show about it. I don't think I should waste any time here about mentioning their qualities. I just hope, they will understand the obvious things they are missing in this life journey, in order to make next life time luxurious. I know that I haven't continued the story I started here. But I hope you can get loads of things by following visionaries, philosophers. Please visit for experience some of great ideas of great thinkers.
explore the, search from key will always learn something. Cheers to the Humanity!


Friday, 23 March 2012

Buddhism in a Nutshell

Dharma (teachings of buddha) of Lord Buddha is well explained and widely accepted among different communities. Buddhism is clearly a philosophy than a religion. Buddha never interpret himself as a God or any other different form. He described himself as a human being, different from other human beings. His analogy was
"As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.

Basically Buddha tried to understand the truth of life by following both extreme and emptiness ends, but eventually realised it only can be gained from avoiding the extreme ends and following the middle path. At one point, Buddha summarise the whole idea behind the Buddhism by a gatha. (poetic sayings of Dharma)
"keep away from all evil, to cultivate the good and purifying one's mind are the teachings of all buddhas"

I owe you an explanation about reference 'evil' in the early gatha. The evil in here not means the exorcism, demons, Satan or any other form of EVIL but the obvious bad things that a being have to avoid. These can be rise from three unwholesome roots - greed, hatred and delusion. Greed can manifest in the form of selfishness, avarice, envy, jealousy, covetousness..etc. Hate can manifest as ill will, malice, strife, resentment, revenge, pride...etc. Finally the delusion..or the misunderstanding of reality of things, the impermanent to be permanent and not understanding the law of cause and effect.

Conversely, good, wholesome and skillful actions are based on the three wholesome roots - non-greed or generosity, non-hate or loving kindness and non-delusion or wisdom. 
the ultimate goal of ever Buddhist is enlightenment, which is the total and permanent eradication of greed, hatred and delusion by cultivating generosity, loving kindness and wisdom. 
taken from Buddhabhasa (2008)

This story so far concerned about giving a abstract about Buddhism. As I mentioned earlier, it's not a religion belong to some particular set of people, but a philosophy that anyone can live into. As opposed to this view, Today we can see a trend of considering it as another religion. Most of the time, people who rooted from Buddhist backgrounds tends to believe that it's yet another religion. Therefore applying different social parameters to pure Buddhism, turns it to be a neo-buddhism which represent an entirely different philosophy.  

Monday, 19 March 2012

Doers and Talkers

I have come across different characters and personalities throughout my life journey. If I had a chance to categorise people who came across, I'd split them into 2 groups. Doers and Talkers.

Basically the Doers are SMARTly planning their life ahead. (S - Specifically, M - Measurable, A - Achievable, R - Relevant, T - Timely) These are unique characters who lived the life with their own value set.They are always trying to develop their life style and try to live a peaceful life without any messing around. Mainly we find Doers as nice people and pleasure to have a relationship as opposed to Talkers.

I personally think, the volume of Talkers are quite higher than Doers. Mainly the talkers are easy to be friends with. Mainly due to their over-rated and fake popular personality in the society. You will understand their true colours when it comes to a particular point. Most of talkers have manipulative and Bossy characteristics built in to them. They are always trying to dominate you with their opinions and quite effectively convinced that you are a silly and immature thing in past life. Manipulative talkers are the most dreadful category and always trying to mess up with everyone, if they feel you are blocking their path, they will easily go any far to get rid of you. Initially if your senses are saying 'he/she is a Manipulative Talker', always be prepare yourself.

A strong personality and confidence are the main medicines, when dealing with the Talkers. It's necessary to believe in ourselves and our instincts at the same time. Moreover the right facts are one powerful element to face Talkers. Most importantly, we need to understand the people with these qualities before dealing with them.   With all of this bad qualities, I don't think we should isolate these types of people and corner from the society. Instead, if we aware of their behaviour and make sure we deal with them in appropriate manner.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Cultural Shock

Some force will push us towards bubble again, no matter how far we are trying to go off from the inside box thinking patterns. Most of the time cultural morons, around us dragged from our feet till we are become prisoners of it.

I read about groupism behaviour in several anthropology articles. Basically from the beginning of civilisations, humans like to make and live in groups with mutual understanding (religion, language), physical characteristics (complexion), geographical closeness (culture). There is one example, I always bring up when I am discussing about the groupism behaviour. It's my own experience when I am starting at the University.

When I was starting as a fresh International student in London, I have experience this behaviour from most of International students. Undoubtedly most Asian students (South and East) have this practice in common. They only prefer to hang out with people in their context only. So in the classrooms, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Thai groups was a common picture. They only prefer to talk with their group members and consider others as outsiders. Even some western students shown the same behaviour. But with the time, thankful to some exciting and experience seeking individuals and cosmopolitan culture of the environment, this situation is getting better. Then they will start to make new relationships and start to think 'They are not bad as they looks in our old local stories'. :) [common to all parties]

I have to admit that these academics are quite luckier when comparing to migrants in cities. In here I am specific about 1st generation migrants. Basically they spent most of their lives in native countries and following the cultural practices taught by their local contexts. Most of them are quite inflexible (may be out of reach) to learn and pick up cultural changes. Therefore in line with group behaviour, they are building their own sub cultural societies. Theses sub cultures are a replicate of their original culture/ native and evolving up to some extend taking few elements from the new culture. (after mutually agreeing in the group)

After all of these mismatching chargers in society, we have to expect a big bang in some way. I am calling it 'Cultural Collapse'. This usually happens between 1st and 2nd generation. The members of 2nd generation, constantly struggling to find a place to fit between their elders sub culture and their own culture. The end was mainly depending on their aggregated intelligence.

I always being a believer for open minds and communication. If anyone can workout to put those two things into action, it won't be a sad ending after all.