Sunday, 22 August 2010

Why Culture?

I came through this amazing article about the culture, it leaves something to think. (

Sometimes I have tried to argue with my self about the existence of cultures and how the role of a culture affect one's mindset. First of all, I should admit that it is one of the sensible subject to talk in public. Culture, Religion, Race and Ethnicity are the most sensitive topics among people. However as a anti-fan of so called culture, I will bring out my view.

So what exactly a culture? According to my view, it's a creation of society to specify how unique and pure it is relative to other. Basically so called western cultures emphasise on independence and free way of living while so called oriental cultures (Asian) designed on more people oriented way. Those are the highest level breakdown and extreme ends (x and y) in the axis of culture. However it is more complicated and solely depend on one's mindset. You cannot take out a person from cultural domain and extract his/her view point as a culture.

I cannot stand with controls and measurements imposed by cultures but I can enjoy the diversification of cultures and the colours those bring to life. I thought it's better to end this blog entry by stating the following paragraph of the above mentioned article.

"Our task isn’t to change or destroy any of that though – because that would simply be the reaction of the ego. What we can do is simply observe it, because through the act of seeing comes awareness and then understanding. And from there we have an entirely new foundation upon which to build our lives."

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