Saturday, 21 August 2010

Me Myself and Blogging

I don't like to introduce me as a good blogger, cause of number of obvious things.

Basically the concept of blogging confuses me from long time. If we assume the idea of a blog is to expose, in what earth you can have a privacy. if I cannot purely express my self why should I keep a blog. anyone can see the dilemma of a blog. It's not only a paradox limited to blogs, all other social media are carrying the issue up to some extend. But on the other hand, we can apply simple rule of thumb to this and patch things up. Here it comes.... Equilibrium no way it's better to call it as balance. :) balancing the openness and closeness by using so called measures. like life.

Secondly I wasn't well aware about myself, my feelings and life purpose. (still in the learning curve) Most of the times I wanted think from perspectives of others and adjust my view. But in the last couple of years, I was trying to be much as independent as possible. I have succeeded in that, my closest friends are the living proofs. :)

More than anything, I am a lazy guy. writing a blog wasn't for the persons like me. ;) let's see, anyhow I wanna continue this.

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